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The First online sale exhibition of artworks by Inna Mednikova

In October 2019, Inna Moiseevna Kogan-Mednikova, 93 year old artist with whom we were friends from the very first days of the gallery, passed away. In recent years, Inna Moiseevna lived in Israel and visited Moscow once a year. We met in her studio in Perovo, where she talked about the evacuation together with the Moscow Art School to Bashkiria during the war, her studies at the Surikov Institute in the 1950s, creative trips to Abramtsevo, Goryachy Klyuch, to the Academic Dacha, to Gurzuf, to Odessa, about working as a theater artist and teacher at the Correspondence People’s University of the Arts.

Inna Mednikova did a lot of easel graphics and painting. Since the late fifties, she regularly participated in city, zonal and republican exhibitions, took part in exhibitions of Russian art in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Prague, Jerusalem. In 2002, the artist held a personal exhibition in the Exhibition Hall of the Jerusalem Theater. In 2016, on the occasion of the 90th anniversary, we organized a retrospective exhibition of Inna Moiseevna's works “Between the Past and the Future” in the Museum of the Vlaherna-Kuzminki Estate (Museum of Moscow).

There, at the exhibition, we talked a lot about possible future projects: we planned an exhibition of her graphic portraits, which the artist herself considered her best works, publishing a catalog of numerous works in oil, tempera, pastel, and watercolor. Whatever technique Inna Moiseevna tried to convey the whole gamut of feelings overwhelming her, in a still life, landscape, portrait. “City bustle, exuberant life, diversity of faces - that’s what attracts me,” she said about her work. Then, on her birthday, June 1, we interviewed her a little:

In 2021, Inna Moiseevna would have turned 95 years old, and we want to fulfill our plan: to print a catalog and organize another large retrospective exhibition of this remarkable artist. And now, in difficult quarantine times, you can become partners in this future project. We offer an exhibition and sale of more than a hundred paintings and graphic works by Inna Mednikova. All works purchased from this exhibition will be included in the catalog indicating the owner (optional). The offline exhibition and presentation of the catalog will be held in Moscow in 2021, the owners of published works will receive the catalog for free.

To purchase a job you need to place an order online, after which we will contact you to discuss the details of viewing / payment / delivery.

* All works are sold in “studio” condition. The necessary restoration can be arranged on request of the buyer after the end of quarantine for extra cost (calculated individually).

* Framing after quarantine with a 10% discount (calculated individually). Distance frame selection is possible.

* In connection with quarantine measures, payment is made only by bank transfer.

* Delivery in Moscow is carried out by licensed courier services (approx. 300 rubles), in Russia and in the world - depending on the work of postal services during the self-isolation regime or after quarantine is lifted.

* Delayed delivery until quarantine ends. In this case, you pay only 50% of the cost of the work, and the second half a day before delivery.

The exhibition runs until May 15, 2020. For all questions, write to

Enjoy the exhibition and invest in Russian art!