Konovalova Natalia

Natalia Viktorovna Konovalova was born in 1951. Natalia grew up in the family of artists and since childhood she has been fond of drawing. In high school, she studied at school with an artistic bias, where they were preparing for the architectural institute. Later she entered Moscow Art Institute names by V. I. Surikov and graduated in 1976. Natalia studied in the workshop of the Soviet painter Mochalskiy D. K. In 1978 Natalia Konovalova joined the Moscow Union of Artists.

Natalia Konovalova took part in numerous regional, republican and all-Union exhibitions, and while she was a student Konovalova had her own personal exhibition. Natalia Konovalova has never stopped her art career and self-development, still she tries different genres and techniques.

Artworks by Natalia Konovalova are represented in collections of the Russian museums and in private collections in Germany, Italy, Russia and other countries.