QUARTA Gallery

an online gallery where you can buy original 20thcentury artworks, graphic art, posters, photographs as well as contemporary artists’ works, receive a consultation and order decoration of your home or office with artworks.

Choosing artworks and hanging them at home you make an announcement for those who get in touch with your private space. You highlight your individuality and desires that you want to present to the world and speak with your guests and family in the language of art. And, of course, you feel much more comfortable surrounded by artworks reflecting your personal tastes and aspirations since your personality acquires a new dimension in them.

QUARTA Gallery would love to help you solve all these tasks. Careful professional selection, many-years’ experience of our staff in collecting and presenting art, graphics and original printed artworks will help you easily solve the tasks of choosing, hanging artworks and working out interior and artistic solutions. Vast variety of artworks by old and contemporary masters of art and graphics, posters and photographs suiting every taste and budget is at your disposal, as well as a strictly individual approach to every customer.

How to purchase an artwork

1. Choose an artwork you like. To look for artworks you can also use an Online Search Form where you can select artworks browsing by author, technique, style, topic and price.

2. To purchase an artwork, click the button «one-click purchase» under the image of the picture.

3. You will need to fill in the order form (your name, e-mail, telephone number). Fill it in and click "SUBMIT" button. BE SURE to leave your phone number so that we could contact you.

4. After your order is received our specialists will get in touch with you to specify the details of your order. You can discuss and order Additional Services, talk over the payment and delivery terms with them.


The cost of delivery and additional charges (export permit, packaging, insurance etc.) are not included in the price of the artwork indicated online, and are covered by the customer additionally. Forms of delivery (method, cost, terms) are settled individually with every particular purchase. Courier service is available in Moscow and Moscow area, and postal service worldwide.

Picture framing

If the painting is already framed it will be noted under its image with the sign «Framed work». In that case the price of the frame will be included in the price of the painting. If there is no sign “Framed work” under the image of the painting then its framing can be discussed separately when placing an order.

If you would like to purchase an artwork but the price seems too high for you let us know of your wishes, if you want to make an order by e-mail or you have not been able to find the artist you are interested in, or you would like to ask us questions, please use Contact Form