Bespalko Boris

1914 – 1932

Boris Bespalko was born in 1914 in Warsaw. Soon after his birth his family had to move to Ukraine in Novgorod-Seversk.

Boris was extremely talented as a child: he was good at playing piano and painting. While studying at school Boris’ teacher was Rolyan, who was the student of the famous artist Ilya Repin, and Boris Bespalko became his most favorite young talent. Later after finishing the school in 1930, Boris and his mother moved to Moscow where he entered Moscow State Technical College of Fine Arts in memory of the 1905 (now Moscow Academic Art College) and he was noted as a budding artist. At that time, he created an amazing series of graphic works: a humorous chronicle of his family everyday life during end of 1920-1930s. In these artworks his extreme talent, an accurate eye, a wise and optimistic view of a young flourishing artist was revealed.

Boris Bespalko died when he was very young: he was affected by his disease – leukemia, which was discovered when he was a baby. Nevertheless, he left wonderful legacy where his native places and beloved people are depicted. It has been stored in the family for many decades and now is the first time when it is shown to the public.