P. Ya. Pavlinov "Hall of the III International". Sheet No. 49

III Интернационал, печатная графика, коминтерн, гравюра, москва, красная пресня, НЭП, гравюра, революционная россия,
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1921, woodcut, 25,8 × 35,7 cm

Pavel Yakovlevich Pavlinov (1881 - 1966) - Russian graphic artist, art theorist. Born into the family of a naval officer, studied at the Naval Cadet Corps (until 1900); took lessons in drawing and painting from O.E. Braza (1899-1901). In 1901 - 1903, the flag officer of Rear Admiral A.Kh. Krieger in the voyage of the Russian squadron in the Mediterranean Sea. Studied at the St. Petersburg Academy of Arts (1903 - 1906) under I. E. Repin and D. N. Kardovsky, under E. Kropp in Munich (1908). Member of the Moscow Association of Artists (since 1914; since 1918 chairman), founding member of the Professional Union of Artists-Engravers (1917 - 1919), the Four Arts Association (1924 - 1931).

He worked in "ROSTA Windows". Together with V. A. Favorsky and K. N. Istomin, in 1918 he created the Puppet Theater in his house (since 1919, the studio of the Puppet Theater of the People's Commissariat of Education; in 1920, it was transferred to the Chamber Theater). One of the masters who revived the art of woodcuts (since 1916). In book woodcuts, he developed new compositional and lighting solutions, methods of conveying drama, used an expressive black stroke. He created views of old and new Moscow, bookplates, watercolors. In the 1930s, he switched to ink illustrations. Designed performances and films.


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