Mednikova Inna

Mednikova Inna

1926 — 2019

Inna Kogan (Mednikova in marriage) was born in 1926 in Moscow. She graduated from Moscow art school and was evacuated with it to Bashkiria during the war. On coming back to Moscow Inna entered Moscow State Academic Art Institute named after V.I.Surikov, the workshop of Sergey Gerasimov, who carried on the tradition of the Russian classic painting. After several years of studying at Gerasimov's workshop Inna transferred to the scenic painting workshop. In 1952 she graduated the Institute. Her graduation work included staging of the “Our contemporary" performance based on the play by K.G.Paustovskiy.

In the 1960s and 1970s the artist cooperated with many theatres, staging such performances as the “Profitable Position", “Woe from Wit", “Boris Godunov". In 1956 Mednikova joined the Union of the Artists of the USSR.

Apart from stage design Mednikova engaged in easel graphic works and painting. Since the end of the fifties she has regularly taken part in municipal, regional and republican exhibitions. Mednikova took part in the exhibitions of Russian art in Paris, Berlin, Brussels, Cologne, Prague and Jerusalem. In 2002 she had her personal show at the exhibition hall of Jerusalem theatre.

Lately Inna Mednikova has been mostly working with watercolors and tempera. “Fast work with watercolors allows capturing the moment of beauty, though it was not easy to change from oil to watercolors. The watercolor technique keeps its freshness and cleanness only if touched once by the brush... City rush, turbulent life, variety of faces — that's what attracts me", — the artists says.

The works by Inna Mednikova are presented at the Russian Art Fund, at the Moscow synagogue, in private collections both in Russia and abroad.