Konovalov Viktor

1912 – 1995

Viktor Andreevich Konovalov was born in 1912 in Uidol village (now Sobinskiy district in Vladimir region). Despite his parents’ displeasure he moved to Moscow and in 1936 he entered Moscow Art Institute where he studied under the supervision of eminent Soviet masters such as I. Grabar, N. Cherhnishev and M. Shemyakin. Igor Grabar called Viktor Konovalov "Russian Tiepolo" for a subtle sense of drawing and color scheme. In 1948 Konovalov joined the Union of Moscow Artists. Later, the artist was elected repeatedly as a board member, the bureau of the section, the artistic council of the Moscow Union of Artists of the RSFSR.

His major artworks are: triptych "The Victory Banner over Berlin" (The Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg), "The Soviet Union Hymn" (plafond of the auditorium of the House of Culture of the Sharikopodshipnik factory in Moscow), the panel "Friendship of Peoples (foyer of the Palace of Culture of the Kolkhoz in the Kursk region), “October” (mosaic in the assembly hall of the Kalinin district executive committee in Moscow), "Liberation” (mosaic at the Institute of Asian and African countries in Moscow), painting at the Kievskaya-radial station and the central panel "Celebration of the Ukrainian People" in the Moscow metro.

Artworks by Viktor Konovalov are represented in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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