Novozhenina Elena

Elena Novozhenina was born in Ulyanovsk in 1993. She graduated with honors from the Design Department of the Ulyanovsk College of Culture and Art (formerly the School of Culture) in 2013, and in 2019 from the Moscow State Art Institute named after V. Surikov (also with honors). Elena is a member of the Youth Union of Artists at the Artists Union of the Republic of Tatarstan. Member of regional and interregional exhibitions: “We will be bequeathed a memory ...” Kazan 2015, “Man. Land. Labor "Kazan 2016," Graphics "Zelenodolsk 2017," Night of the Arts "Museum named after Gorky 2017, “The Drawn Equator” National Museum of the Republic of Tatarstan 2017, “Simple Things” Moscow 2018, “My name” Moscow 2019, “Youth-19” Moscow 2019, “XXXXX Youth Exhibition of Moscow Artists Union of Russia” Moscow 2019. Member of the All-Russian Youth Educational Forum "Tauris 2017". Artworks by Elena Novozhenina are represented in the collection of the Zelenodolsk art gallery and private collections.