Sokolov Vadim

Vadim Sokolov was born in Moscow in 1942. In 1964 he graduated from the sculpture department of Moscow College of Industrial and Applied Arts named after M.I.Kalinin (now part of Stroganov Academy). Although he does sculpture mostly for pleasure, his artworks are characterized by that rare sense of plasticity and space typical of a genuine sculptor. V.Sokolov further decided to continue his education at the Higher Courses of central television where he mastered the profession of the art director. He dedicated three years to working on television and after that let himself float freely in the art seas.

Vadim Sokolov's artworks represent Moscow art school, though right from the first glance you can see his bright individuality and incredible expression of his stroke. Sokolov's stance is definite: “Art is color, color, color… Paints in their nuances and tints… Various combinations of color". His impulsiveness and open-mindedness produce dynamic and, at the same time, absolutely complete canvases amazing in their coloristics, meaningfulness and their broad specter of subjects. Among his artworks there are landscapes with gothic feel subtly conveying the spirit of ancient Russian cities, such as Moscow, St. Petersburg, Tarusa and Rostov; and, on the other hand, you come across London and Jerusalem splashing with colors and light. The master's artworks teeter on the brink between realism and expressionism, all the time keeping the sense of proportion and the author's powerful distinctness.

Vadim Sokolov is a member of Moscow Regional Union of Artists. He has participated in numerous Russian and foreign exhibitions starting from 1966, and also has had several personal shows.

Vadim Sokolov's artworks are presented in the private collections in Russia, Europe and America.

A Man on the Tree. Vadim Sokolov Save 28%
90.000 Р 65.000 Р
15.000 Р
Argentine Tango. Vadim Sokolov Save 20%
100.000 Р 80.000 Р
At the Border Airfield. Vadim Sokolov Save 20%
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Bunch of Lilac. Vadim Sokolov Save 38%
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Dato. End of the Training. Vadim Sokolov Save 22%
90.000 Р 70.000 Р
Egor's cousines. Vadim Sokolov Save 17%
30.000 Р 25.000 Р
Flowering at Sea. Vadim Sokolov Save 21%
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Fruits de mer. Vadim Sokolov Save 25%
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Gurzuf. Vadim Sokolov Save 31%
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Хоккей. Вадим Соколов Save 20%
15.000 Р 12.000 Р
Horse Upside Down, Vadim Sokolov Save 29%
70.000 Р 50.000 Р
Kata. Karatekas' Training. Vadim Sokolov Save 22%
90.000 Р 70.000 Р
Krasnoyarsk. Vadim Sokolov Save 19%
80.000 Р 65.000 Р
Lilac. Vadim Sokolov Save 22%
90.000 Р 70.000 Р
Lilac. Vadim Sokolov Save 20%
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Lob. Lawn Tennis. Vadim Sokolov Save 18%
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Maslovka. View from the Window. Vadim Sokolov Save 14%
35.000 Р 30.000 Р
Mimosa. Vadim Sokolov Save 20%
75.000 Р 60.000 Р