Speransky Alexey

Alexey Speransky was born in 1963 in Moscow. In his childhood, starting from the age of 4, he learnt to draw and to paint under the guidance of his famous grandfather М. А. Kuznetsov, the student of Kazimir Malevich and Ilya Mashkov (VHUTEMAS), who had a great influence on the young artist's artistic taste and development.

At the age of 8 Alexey entered the art studio attached to the Pushkin's Museum of Fine Arts and later Moscow secondary art school attached to the Surikov's Institute which he left in 1981. Alexey Speranskyalso studied art at the private studios of the leading professors of Stroganovka (Moscow State Stroganov University of Industrial and Applied Arts). In 1990 he graduated from the Surikov Art Institute, art department, where he studied in the class of Professor V. N. Zabelin.

Throughout the years Alexey Speranskycarried within him a contradiction: on the one hand, his love for the virtuoso realistic art of his grandfather and, on the other, his obvious infatuation and profound interest to avant-garde. His favorite genre is landscape, including the architectural one. His canvases revive the picturesque streets of Malta, the majestic architecture of Rome, cozy Montmartre. The artist also paints a lot of still lifes picking antiques, old books and clocks as his most preferable subjects, thus mainly creating within the genre of so-called “historic still life".

In 1989-90 А. Speransky lived and worked in New York. His work includes not only artworks but also stage sets, American and Russian movie sets, commercials, video clips and television works as well as composing. As a production designer he worked over such films as “The Name of the Rose", “Dance of the Devil", “The office of Dr.SPERO" and others, and, in addition, he took part in the creation of musical choreographic miniatures of the Chamber Ballet “Moscow" and “Imperial Russian Ballet".

The art of Alexey Speranskyis full of creative freedom which breaks the stereotypes and the norms proclaiming fantasy and unlimited human abilities its main priority.

Alexey Speransky is a member of the Moscow Union of Artists and Russian Author's Society (RAO). He is also engaged in teaching. Since 1997 he has been teaching drawing, art and composition; worked at the studio of L. N. Rakov “Gold Triangle" attached to the Moscow Institute of Electronics and Mathematics, design department (drawing and art).

Alexey Speransky has taken part in numerous Moscow, Russian and international exhibitions since 1987, among which are:

1987 — Exhibition of Russian Artists in Washington (Folkon Ltd; “Russia" enterprise)

1988 — Personal exhibition within the frame of Moscow International Film Festival

1989 — Personal exhibition at “St. Mark Place", New York

1994 — “Anatomy of Doctor SPERO" (together with O.Shagina). Personal, double exhibition and performance at the “Luna" theatre under S.Prokhanov

1997 — Youth exhibition at Kuznetsky Most, “Paintings from the House of Usher". Exhibition of the “Asfodel" group at the “Peresvetov pereulok" gallery

2000-2001 — Exhibition at the artworks of the Union of Artists in Tverskaya

2002 —“Hope" group exhibition of the Union of Moscow Artists in Maly Manezh

2003 — group exhibition at the “Centaur" gallery

2010 — group exhibition in Petrovka organized by M. Roshnyak and others.

Alexey Speransky's artworks are presented in the private collections of Moscow, New-York, Los-Angeles, Beverly-Hills (S.Stallone's gallery), Dallas, Tulsa (Oklahoma), Washington, Boston, London, Finland and some countries of Eastern Europe.