Taller Berta

1925 — 2011

Berta Moiseevna Taller (before marriage - Leivikova) was born in Minsk. In 1933, she moved to Moscow with her family. From 1943 to 1949 she studied at the Moscow Architectural Institute. Her teacher on the project was Mikhail Olenev, teacher of the class of drawing - Professor S. V. Tikhonov, teacher of the class of painting - P. P. Revyakin. In 1949 she graduated from the Moscow Architectural Institute, worked in the Technical Bureau of the Academy of Architecture. In the late 1950s she graduated from advanced training courses for architects and became a member of the Union of Soviet Architects. She worked at the Central Research Institute of Urban Planning. All her free time she spent working as a graphic artist, mostly in technique of watercolor.

The works by Berta are in private collections in Russia and abroad.