Tikhonova Ekaterina

Екатерина Тихонова

Ekaterina Tikhonova was born in 1959 in Moscow. She graduated from the art and graphics department of the Moscow State V.I. Lenin Pedagogical Institute in 1983. In 1984 she became a member of the Association of Young Artists and Art Experts attached to the Moscow Regional Union of Artists (MRUA), and in 1989 — a member of MRUA (art section). She has taken part in Moscow, regional, all-Russian and international exhibitions, including: “Russians are here" (Nashville, Tennessee, USA) in 1990, women-artists of Russia in 2001, “The teacher and the students" at Polenov State Arts Museum in 2003. From December 2003 till February 2004 the artist had her personal exhibition in Moscow. From August 30 till September 30, 2012 Ekaterina Tikhonova exhibited her artworks at the Littau-Lucerne Art and Culture Center (Switzerland).

Variable in the painting technique (oil, acryl, gouache) Ekaterina's artworks both on canvas and paper as well as her works on silk are always harmonious in composition and reflect the artist's deep connection with nature. Her favorite genre is still life, though frequently she turns to landscape and genre painting in fantasy style.

“What do I paint? — Still life. But is there such a thing as still nature? I feel all the objects around me as a part of my life. All the things interact in nature, everything is interconnected, all objects influence each other and the color is the most essential point. The color helps to convey the artist's attitude", Ekaterina says about her creative activity. Artworks by Ekaterina Tikhonova are presented at the Museum of Russian Art in Ottara (Japan) and in private collections in Russia, Germany, Finland, France and the USA.