Topelberg Lydia

1916 — 1988

Lydia Markovna Topelberg was born in Petrograd (St. Petersburg). In 1938 she graduated from the School of Fine Arts in Memory of 1905. Since 1942 she has participated in exhibitions (Kazan, Moscow, Berlin, Kiev, Tokyo, Korolev). In 1948 she graduated from the Faculty of Painting (workshop of Professor A. Osmyorkin) of Surikov Institute. Her teachers were: A. A. Osmerkin, A. A. Deineka, P. D. Pokarzhevsky, D. N. Mochalsky. Since 1948 she was a member of the Union of Artists. She made numerous trips, mainly in Central Asia. About 20 paintings made as a result of these trips were intended for the Houses of Culture of the Union Republics. Works by L. M. Topelberg, purchased by the Central Purchasing Commission for regional art funds and museums: "In the Zoo", 1956; "On the Angara", 1962; "Russian open spaces", 1967; "Daughter of the Motherland", 1969.