Varlamova Ludmila

Ludmila Varlamova was born in the settlement of Sumsky-Posad on the coast of the White Sea where she got acquainted with the artists Evgeny Rastorguev and Tamara Guseva, who used to come to the coast every year. They became the first teachers of the beginning artist. After leaving school she moved to Moscow and entered the Institute of Culture. Having finished her studies Ludmila Varlamova got actively involved in creative activities: she became a member of the Union of Russian Artists, took part in various exhibitions, including “Family exhibition" at the “Na Peschanoy" Gallery (1999), “The World is beautiful" (2002), Personal show at the “Chertanovo" gallery (2004), “Central House of Artist Salon-2007" (2007); the exhibition of the Theater section of Moscow Regional Union of Artists (2007), “Eros. Moscow" (2008), “Spring impromptu" at the “Ardena" Gallery (2008), exhibition at Villе St. Benoit Gallery (France).

Ludmila Varlamova is a member of the International Arts Fund and the Creative Association of Women-Artists of Moscow "Irida". She took part in the auctions in Karlovy Vary in 2003 and in 2005. She is also an awardee of the exhibitions “Spring salon Moscow 1998-99".

The artist works in different techniques, including: oil, watercolor, gouache and pastel. At the start of the 1990s Varlamova began creating paintings and graphics dedicated to theatrical and fantasy subjects. Ludmila loves travelling but she exclusively prefers France. Many of her artworks are devoted to this country. Ludmila's recent passion is working with various fabrics. Using fabric of different texture – from heavy tapestry to a light veil – Ludmila combines them in order to prime the central smaller part for the watercolor and to use the bigger one as a mat. After creating a watercolor that is framed with a textile surface of an unusual texture she receives a highly original piece of art. At the present time Ludmila Varlamova lives and works in Moscow, and she is always on the lookout for new angles both in materials and techniques and in the art, as a whole.

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