Vasilenko Anatoly

Anatoly Petrovich Vasilenko - Ukrainian cartoonist and book designer, creator of hand-drawn books, illustrator of numerous publications for children. In 1959 he studied at the Mirgorod Ceramic College, in 1960 - 1961 - at the Kiev School of Applied and Decorative Arts. At the same time, he began to cooperate with the Kiev magazine "Peretz". He was the main artist of the magazine for children "Perchenya", about thirty years working with the newspaper "Sіlskі vіstі". He also worked in the magazines “Barvinok”, “Malyatko”, “Funny Pictures”, “Vitchizna”, “Dnipro”, “Ranok”. In recent years, he also collaborated with the Korrespondent and Kyiv Post editions. Honored Artist (1997) and People's Artist of Ukraine. Illustrated about a hundred books for children and adults. The style of the illustrations goes well with the cheerful, humorous intonation of fantastic and fabulous works for children.