QUARTA Gallery ONLINE Auction # 8

by Quarta Gallery

Dear friends and art lovers! QUARTA Gallery invites you to take part in

ONLINE AUCTION No.8 on Friday, February 1, 2019 at 7 pm

The auction will be held in real time ONLINE and presents artworks which were not sold at the previous seven auctions at reduced prices, new paintings and graphic works from the collections of our artists and private collections (1920 — 2018), as well as antique books published in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire, Russia and the USSR before 1940.

Catalogue with a detailed description of all the works (161 lots) and information about the authors can be found here:


Registration for the auction itself is already open: you can leave your bids on the lots you like. If it is more convenient for you to leave a request for participation and bidding in the previous mode, you can send correspondance bid to art@quartagallery.ru or by phone: +7 916 609 1447 (call, sms, whatsapp ) and we will act during the auction on your behalf.

The auction starts with the unique watercolor work from 1929 "Be ready!" by Nikolai Viting (lot 1), whose works are represented in numerous museum collections: the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Karakalpak State Museum of Arts named after Igor Savitsky (Nukus, Uzbekistan), the State Art Museum of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia), the State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem" (Istra), the Republican Museum of Fine Arts of Udmurtia and others. The work itself was reproduced in the “Creative Wednesdays” catalogue of the Club of the Moscow Union of Artists.

The 1920s and 30s are also represented by the graphic works and painting by Boris Bespalko (1914 – 1932), whose works our gallery presented for the first time at the “One Family Story” exhibition in the Central House of Artists in 2018 and small graphic miniatures of the little-known Alexandra Alekseeva (1879 – 1958).

Graphic series from the 1960s by Evsey Reshin (“Virgin Lands”), Evgeny Rastorguev (“Notebook from Bratsk”), Vyacheslav Stekolschikov (Planes and Ships) along with the magnificent sketches from the 1950s by the People’s Artist of Belarus, Honored Artist of the BSSR May Dantsig (1930 – 2017) and the oldest Moscow artist and the National artist of Dagestan Klara Vlasova (born in 1926) represent the “Thaw” era.

The famous artwork “Youth” by Evgeny Rastorguev (lot 40) is presented for sale for the first time. The work was made in 1957 when it was exhibited at the All-Union Art Exhibition, after which it was acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery. The artwork has been reproduced many times in magazines and on postcards.

Also for the first time, there are three works from the “Asian series” (1950) by Vassily Minyaev (1907 – 1993), an artist, an architect, famous for the mural painting of the houses by Ivan Zholtovsky at Smolenskaya square, are exhibited. One of the sketches for one of the ceilings is also put up for auction (lot 88).

Judaica is a topic first encountered at our auctions. We present rare books on the study of the Hebrew language (lots 71,72) and “The history and literature of Jews from the Babylonian captivity to the present” by Dr. D. Cassel (lot 73), published in Vilna and Warsaw in the 1880s, and an original illustration for one of the Sholom Aleichem novels by Gersh (Gregory) Inger (1910 – 1995) and “Sukkot Holiday” by Inna (Kogan) Mednikova (born in 1926).

Large painting by Dmitry Murashov “In the campaign” from 1950s, one of the works by famous Soviet marine painter which are rarely found on the art market, is Lot 78. Dmitry Vassilyevich Murashov / Murashev (1904 – 1961), Winner of the Stalin Prize, graduated from the painting department of the Moscow Higher Art School (workshop of Ilya Mashkov). Participant of the “Existence“ exhibitions, author of the monumental paintings “On Guard of the Soviet Arctic” (1956), “In the Marine Watch” (1961), “On the Protection of Maritime Borders in the Polar Region”.

The auction also presents theater designs by Tamara Guseva (1918 – 2002), pastels by Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Ludmila Nikitina (born in 1927), sketches for murals by the monumentalist Viktor Konovalov (1912 – 1995) including the ones for Kievskaya metro station frescoes (Lots 144, 145), color serigraphy (1969) by Galia Bitt, member of the famous “Movement group”, oil paintings by D. Tegin, M. Kopchenova, E. Shegal, V. Sokolov, L. Rapoport, O. Efimov and other representatives of the classical realist Soviet art school; as well as the artworks of little-known graphics of the mid-20th century: Natalia Orlova (1922 – 1960) and Alexander Sveshnikov (1894 – 1963).

Among contemporary artists there are authors, with whom the gallery has developed strong friendly relations: Elena Koba, Ala Putrik, Dragan Crtajich. Their works have repeatedly been exhibited at our exhibitions and auctions, many of them are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

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