by Quarta Gallery

THE TENTH ONLINE AUCTION will be held in real time ONLINE

on Thursday, June 06 at 7 pm


The auction presents works by Soviet and contemporary artists. Among the top lots "Skier", 1950 by Galina Kastorskaya (1924 — 1995), two paintings from "the northern" series by Evgeny Rastorguev (1920 — 2009), a student of Sergey Gerasimov "Fedya with Fish" and "Fisherwoman" from 1966, a rare painting by the famous poster artist Viktor Koretsky (1909 — 1998) “In the Toy Store” from the 1970s, the picturesque plein-air work by Mai Dantsig (1930 — 2017) “At the Riga Seaside”, 1963, sketches for films by the famous Soviet cinema artist Boris Dulenkov.

Permanent authors of the gallery are presented by the graphics and paintings of Evsey Reshin (1916 — 1978), Inna Mednikova, Boris Bespalko (1914 — 1932), Tatyana Konovalova-Kovrigin a (1915 — 2008), Vyacheslav Stekolschikov, Evgeny Bitkin (1932 — 2017), Vassily Minyaev ( 1907 — 1993), Aleksey Kolosov (1892 — 1972), Vadim Sokolov, Lyudmila Nikitina. New names in our collection: Natalia Guippius (1905 — 1994), Yuri Frolov (1925 — 1998), Nikola y Zadonsky (1930 — 2001), Vasily Golikov (1921 — 2003) and others.

Alternative Soviet art is represented by metaphysical paintings by Tbilisi artist of Armenian origin, honored artist of Georgia Robert Kondakhsazov (1937 — 2010), bright decorative non-conformist graphics of the participant in the famous 1974 bulldozer exhibition Sergey Alferov (1951 — 2004), refined still lifes and landscape by Tamara Shilovskaya (1916 — 2001).

Fans of contemporary art should pay attention at the paintings of Natalia Konovalova and Maria Ivanova (Ozimaya), the graphic works by Alya Putrik, Oleg Tikhonov, Dragan Crtajich, Elena Koba.

A CATALOG (153 items) with a detailed description of all the artworks and information about the artists you can check here :

Registration for the auction is open: you can leave your bids on the lots you like online. If it is more convenient for you to leave an application for participation and bidding in the previous mode, then we will organize participation on your behalf, send correspondence bids to or by phone: +7 916 609 1447 (call, sms, whatsapp).

We wait for you at your computers, tablets and phones on June 6 at 7 pm !