by Quarta Gallery

THE TENTH ONLINE AUCTION will be held in real time ONLINE

on Thursday, June 06 at 7 pm


The auction presents works by Soviet and contemporary artists. Among the top lots "Skier", 1950 by Galina Kastorskaya (1924 — 1995), two paintings from "the northern" series by Evgeny Rastorguev (1920 — 2009), a student of Sergey Gerasimov "Fedya with Fish" and "Fisherwoman" from 1966, a rare painting by the famous poster artist Viktor Koretsky (1909 — 1998) “In the Toy Store” from the 1970s, the picturesque plein-air work by Mai Dantsig (1930 — 2017) “At the Riga Seaside”, 1963, sketches for films by the famous Soviet cinema artist Boris Dulenkov.

Permanent authors of the gallery are presented by the graphics and paintings of Evsey Reshin (1916 — 1978), Inna Mednikova, Boris Bespalko (1914 — 1932), Tatyana Konovalova-Kovrigin a (1915 — 2008), Vyacheslav Stekolschikov, Evgeny Bitkin (1932 — 2017), Vassily Minyaev ( 1907 — 1993), Aleksey Kolosov (1892 — 1972), Vadim Sokolov, Lyudmila Nikitina. New names in our collection: Natalia Guippius (1905 — 1994), Yuri Frolov (1925 — 1998), Nikola y Zadonsky (1930 — 2001), Vasily Golikov (1921 — 2003) and others.

Alternative Soviet art is represented by metaphysical paintings by Tbilisi artist of Armenian origin, honored artist of Georgia Robert Kondakhsazov (1937 — 2010), bright decorative non-conformist graphics of the participant in the famous 1974 bulldozer exhibition Sergey Alferov (1951 — 2004), refined still lifes and landscape by Tamara Shilovskaya (1916 — 2001).

Fans of contemporary art should pay attention at the paintings of Natalia Konovalova and Maria Ivanova (Ozimaya), the graphic works by Alya Putrik, Oleg Tikhonov, Dragan Crtajich, Elena Koba.

A CATALOG (153 items) with a detailed description of all the artworks and information about the artists you can check here :

Registration for the auction is open: you can leave your bids on the lots you like online. If it is more convenient for you to leave an application for participation and bidding in the previous mode, then we will organize participation on your behalf, send correspondence bids to or by phone: +7 916 609 1447 (call, sms, whatsapp).

We wait for you at your computers, tablets and phones on June 6 at 7 pm !

QUARTA Gallery ONLINE Auction # 9

by Quarta Gallery

Dear friends!

Join the QUARTA Gallery


with new collections of paintings and graphic works by Russian Soviet artists of the XX-th century: Alexey Kolosov, Vasily Golikov, Peter Pinkikievich, Tatiana Marchenko, Ivan Plastinkin, Galina Karavaeva, Evgeny Pikunov, Evgeny Tykotsky, Oleg Vishnyakov, Evgeny Akishin, Boris Golikov.

Among our regular authors, the Sayany series by Evsey Reshin, paintings and theatrical interiors by Inna Mednikova, drawings by Evgeny Rastorguev, the satirical graphics from 1920-30s by Boris Bespalko, the sketches of Viktor Konovalov, artworks by Tatyana Konovalova-Kovrigina, graphics from the 1960s by Vyacheslav Stekolschikov, oil landscapes by Evgeny Bitkin.

We also present a collection of antique books and magazines published in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire and in the USSR until 1940.

The auction will be held in real time ONLINE!

On Thursday, March 28, 2019 at 19.00

A CATALOGUE (191 lots) with a detailed description of all the artworks, information about the artists and the condition of the objects can be found here:

Registration for the auction itself is already open: you can leave your bids on the lots you like. If it is more convenient for you to leave an application for participation and bidding as before, we will organize participation on your behalf, send correspondence bids, as usual, to or by tel: +7 916 609 1447 (call, sms, whatsapp ).


We are waiting for you at your computers, tablets and phones on March 28, 2019 at 19.00!

Graphics Spring Exhibition. Salon "Old Paper". March, 5 - 10. Central House of Artists

by Quarta Gallery

On Tuesday, March 5th, at 14.00, the “Collections of Russia” Forum, which grew out of the popular Salon “Old Paper and other forms of collectibles”, and the Antique Fair will start working for the last time in the old place in the Central House of Artists on Krymsky Val street, h. 10.

QUARTA Gallery takes part at the Forum and presents an exhibition of graphic works from 1920s — 1970s from the gallery and private collections. Permanent artists of the gallery will be presented by Vassily Minyaev (sketches and drawings of the 1940s, watercolors of the Samarkand series and sketches of illustrations for oriental tales from 1950s); Viktor Konovalov (sketches of murals and mosaics from 1950s and 60s, including the only surviving sketch for the “Liberation of Africa” mosaic, made by the artist in 1961 for the Institute of Asian and African Countries in Moscow); Tatyana Konovalova-Kovrigina (“The Loafer Knows What to Do” — work from the satirical series for the “Windows TASS”, 1943, portrait of Oleg Popov, 1974, friendly cartoon of the artist V. V. Pochitalov); Vyacheslav Stekolschikov (author lithographs and “Virgin Lands” series from the 1960s); Leonid Usaytis (industrial graphics).

The spring holiday theme of the International Women's Day, during which the “Old Paper” Salon is held, will be supported by a series of works by Oleg Vishnyakov (1935 — 2012). Bright female images made by the artist in the 1960s — 1970s attract with vibrant contrasting colors, emotional richness, and incredible technique of performance (tempera, watercolor, pastel).

Another series of female portraits, subtle and exquisite, is represented by Alexey Kolosov (1892 —1972) graphics from 1920s – 30s. The artist who is more familiar to the western audience than in Russia belongs to the artisctic circle of famous Russian artists: Konstantin Yuon, Alexander Osmerkin and Pyotr Konchalovsky. Kolosov was a member and exhibitor of the “Bytie” (Genesis) Society (1927, 1928, 1929), and was known in the first half of the twentieth century in Russia. He is the author of numerous graphics and paintings, theatrical costumes and scenery. His works have been repeatedly exhibited and sold at auctions in Europe. Part of the Alexey Kolosov’s graphic heritage is shown for the first time in Russia by QUARTA Gallery at its Spring exhibition.

New artists of the gallery will be represented by the works of Boris Dulenkov (1918 — 1992), Gleb Goroschenko (1899 — 1974), Ivan Plastinkin (1929 — 1995) and Alexander Pobedinsky (1904 — 1979).

We are waiting for you at our booth during the opening hours of the Forum and the “Paper Salon”:

March, 5 - from 14:00 to 20:00, from March, 6 to 10 - from 12:00 to 20:00

Second floor, stand 14-12

+7 495 204 207 8

FB event page:

QUARTA Gallery ONLINE Auction # 8

by Quarta Gallery

Dear friends and art lovers! QUARTA Gallery invites you to take part in

ONLINE AUCTION No.8 on Friday, February 1, 2019 at 7 pm

The auction will be held in real time ONLINE and presents artworks which were not sold at the previous seven auctions at reduced prices, new paintings and graphic works from the collections of our artists and private collections (1920 — 2018), as well as antique books published in the pre-revolutionary Russian Empire, Russia and the USSR before 1940.

Catalogue with a detailed description of all the works (161 lots) and information about the authors can be found here:

Registration for the auction itself is already open: you can leave your bids on the lots you like. If it is more convenient for you to leave a request for participation and bidding in the previous mode, you can send correspondance bid to or by phone: +7 916 609 1447 (call, sms, whatsapp ) and we will act during the auction on your behalf.

The auction starts with the unique watercolor work from 1929 "Be ready!" by Nikolai Viting (lot 1), whose works are represented in numerous museum collections: the State Tretyakov Gallery (Moscow), the Karakalpak State Museum of Arts named after Igor Savitsky (Nukus, Uzbekistan), the State Art Museum of Georgia (Tbilisi, Georgia), the State Historical-Architectural and Art Museum "New Jerusalem" (Istra), the Republican Museum of Fine Arts of Udmurtia and others. The work itself was reproduced in the “Creative Wednesdays” catalogue of the Club of the Moscow Union of Artists.

The 1920s and 30s are also represented by the graphic works and painting by Boris Bespalko (1914 – 1932), whose works our gallery presented for the first time at the “One Family Story” exhibition in the Central House of Artists in 2018 and small graphic miniatures of the little-known Alexandra Alekseeva (1879 – 1958).

Graphic series from the 1960s by Evsey Reshin (“Virgin Lands”), Evgeny Rastorguev (“Notebook from Bratsk”), Vyacheslav Stekolschikov (Planes and Ships) along with the magnificent sketches from the 1950s by the People’s Artist of Belarus, Honored Artist of the BSSR May Dantsig (1930 – 2017) and the oldest Moscow artist and the National artist of Dagestan Klara Vlasova (born in 1926) represent the “Thaw” era.

The famous artwork “Youth” by Evgeny Rastorguev (lot 40) is presented for sale for the first time. The work was made in 1957 when it was exhibited at the All-Union Art Exhibition, after which it was acquired by the State Tretyakov Gallery. The artwork has been reproduced many times in magazines and on postcards.

Also for the first time, there are three works from the “Asian series” (1950) by Vassily Minyaev (1907 – 1993), an artist, an architect, famous for the mural painting of the houses by Ivan Zholtovsky at Smolenskaya square, are exhibited. One of the sketches for one of the ceilings is also put up for auction (lot 88).

Judaica is a topic first encountered at our auctions. We present rare books on the study of the Hebrew language (lots 71,72) and “The history and literature of Jews from the Babylonian captivity to the present” by Dr. D. Cassel (lot 73), published in Vilna and Warsaw in the 1880s, and an original illustration for one of the Sholom Aleichem novels by Gersh (Gregory) Inger (1910 – 1995) and “Sukkot Holiday” by Inna (Kogan) Mednikova (born in 1926).

Large painting by Dmitry Murashov “In the campaign” from 1950s, one of the works by famous Soviet marine painter which are rarely found on the art market, is Lot 78. Dmitry Vassilyevich Murashov / Murashev (1904 – 1961), Winner of the Stalin Prize, graduated from the painting department of the Moscow Higher Art School (workshop of Ilya Mashkov). Participant of the “Existence“ exhibitions, author of the monumental paintings “On Guard of the Soviet Arctic” (1956), “In the Marine Watch” (1961), “On the Protection of Maritime Borders in the Polar Region”.

The auction also presents theater designs by Tamara Guseva (1918 – 2002), pastels by Honorary Member of the Russian Academy of Arts Ludmila Nikitina (born in 1927), sketches for murals by the monumentalist Viktor Konovalov (1912 – 1995) including the ones for Kievskaya metro station frescoes (Lots 144, 145), color serigraphy (1969) by Galia Bitt, member of the famous “Movement group”, oil paintings by D. Tegin, M. Kopchenova, E. Shegal, V. Sokolov, L. Rapoport, O. Efimov and other representatives of the classical realist Soviet art school; as well as the artworks of little-known graphics of the mid-20th century: Natalia Orlova (1922 – 1960) and Alexander Sveshnikov (1894 – 1963).

Among contemporary artists there are authors, with whom the gallery has developed strong friendly relations: Elena Koba, Ala Putrik, Dragan Crtajich. Their works have repeatedly been exhibited at our exhibitions and auctions, many of them are in private collections in Russia and abroad.

Register and leave your bids:

We are waiting for you at your computers, tablets and phones

on February 1, 2019 at 19.00!

Maria Rapoport and QUARTA Gallery

+7 495 204-207-8

WINTER CAROUSEL. ART AS A GIFT. Art Exhibition and Sale. November 24 - December 2

by Quarta Gallery

Dear friends,

QUARTA Gallery cordially invites you to the Art exhibition and sale of paintings, graphics, posters of artists of the 20th century and modern authors; antique and vintage objects of decorative and applied arts


from November 24 to December 2 from 12.00 to 20.00 daily

you can buy art gifts for yourself, friends and loved ones for Christmas and New Year.

At the exhibition you will find a wide selection of paintings and graphics by famous Russian artists (Evgeny Rastorguev, Tamara Guseva, Vadim Sokolov, Viktor Konovalov, Vassily Minyaev, Viktor Kotov, Ludmila Nikitina, Nadezhda Vorobyova, Evsey Reshin and others), works by contemporary artists Alya Putrik, Pavel Slutsky, Elena Koba and Marina Pavlikovskaya, decorative and designer art gifts from Ludmila Varlamova and Dragan Crtajich, vintage and antique objects from the Gallery “DePutti”: porcelain, vases, Soviet New Year decorations.

More about the exhibition can be found here:

For beginners and sophisticated collectors

Traditional QUARTA Gallery Art AUCTION (#7)

will be held

on Saturday, December 1st at 13.00

where exclusive works from the collection of the gallery and private collections will be presented: caricatures of the 1970s-80s by Evgeny Shabelnik and Yuri Cherepanov, rare oil paintings “Pioneer” (1950s) by Arkady Stupin, “In July” (1963) by Lev Aronov, “March” (1959) by Joseph Ilyin. Among the graphic works there are early works by Vassily Minyaev, four pieces from Veniamin Dorodnitsyn’s famous “railway series” (Moscow landscapes), originals of illustrations and designs of calendar and packaging by Soviet graphic artists.

Among the Top lots of the auction there are “March” (1963) by Evgeny Rastorguev(the last work of the Moscow series of the artist from 1960s from the family heritage), “Novgorod the Great. New Boats ”(1962) by Evgeny Bitkin (the only canvas of the Novgorod artist’s series from 1962-65),“Muscovites”(1960s) - the magnificent gouache work by Boris Kazakov, famous A. Deineka’s student.

You can see all 65 auction lots, as well as register and bid here:

RSVP for participation in person and telephone bidding by e-mail: or by phone +7 916 6091447 (call, WhatsApp, sms) or via FB Messenger. We also accept correspondence bids if you can not attend

The exhibition and the AUCTION will be held in the Art-studio "GNEZDO" at:

Maly Gnezdnikovsky lane, h.12

We are waiting for you and your friends at the exhibition and auction. Give yourself and your loved ones a real holiday with real art!

Выставки русского искусства в Москве этой осенью

by Quarta Gallery

Михаил Ларионов. 19 сентября — 20 января

Новая Третьяковка. Крымский вал, д. 10, залы 39 — 42

В Третьяковской галерее открылась ретроспективная выставка Михаила Фёдоровича Ларионова (1881–1964), одного из основоположников русского авангарда и его признанного лидера. В его творчестве отразились основные направления начала века: кубизм, примитивизм, футуризм. Ларионов стоял у истоков абстрактного искусства в России. Его «авторский» вариант беспредметной живописи, получивший название лучизм (rayonisme), представляет собой один из путей к абстракции.

Выставки августа

by Quarta Gallery

До 12 августа в Институте Русского Реалистического Искусства в рамках выставки "Окна в Россию" будут представлены более 60 полотен из собственного собрания и из коллекции Третьяковской галереи. Это произведения Игоря Грабаря, Александра Дейнеки, Александра Лабаса, Юрия Пименова, Георгия Нисского, Сергея Герасимова и других мастеров XX века.

В одном из залов будет транслироваться мультимедийный спектакль «Шедевры без границ» – знаменитые полотна из собрания Третьяковской галереи и Института русского реалистического искусства оживут под аккомпанемент произведений выдающихся русских и советских композиторов.

Главной темой проекта стал мотив окна. Для художников прошлого столетия окно было зеркалом перемен – от революционных потрясений и модернизации городов в первой половине века до переезда в новые кварталы во время оттепели и поисков себя в перестроечные 1980-е.

Exhibition and Art Sale "Talks about art". May 26 to June 3 from 12.00 to 20.00

by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition and art sale "Talks about art", which will work daily from May 26 to June 3 from 12.00 to 20.00 at the Art Studio Gnezdo in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 12.

The exhibition will feature paintings and graphics by the artists of the gallery: E. Bitkin, I. Mednikova, V. Stekolschikov, A. Alekseeva, B. Bespalko, N. Viting, K. Vlasova, E. Reshin, E. Rastorguev, T. Guseva, N. Vorobieva, M. Danzig, T. Konovalova-Kovrigina, N. Konovalova, E. Koba, N. Orlova, L. Nikitina, V. Sizyakova, D. Tegin, L. Usaitis, V. Sokolov, D. Khamin, as well as new acquisitions: sketches for the famous panels of the metro station Kievskaya and other monumental works of Victor Konovalov.

Within 9 days you can come and get answers to the most frequent questions about art:

- How to buy paintings?

- Expensive or cheap:how to understand the price?

- How to frame artworks ?

- What is graphics, and how to place it in the interior?

- Oil on canvas or watercolor?

- How to choose an artwork for the present ?

- What is the art market and what is the history of its appearance ?

- Who is a n art collector?

These and many other topics you will be able to discuss with our employees, artists and with each other. And, of course, you can participate in our traditional AUCTION, which will be held on May 30 at 19.00.


- Saturday, May 26 from 12.00 - " Exhibition Installation"

On the opening day of the exhibition on May 26 - before your very eyes we will do Exhibition Installation! Come at 12.00 and participate in the most exciting behind-the-scenes event of any gallery! Participation is free.

- Tuesday, May 29 from 18.30 to 20.00 "Talk s about Art" - an interactive lecture "Why we buy art" by gallery director Maria Rapoport.

With a cup of tea we all together will discuss this intriguing topic and will try to find an answer . Prepare tricky questions and get ready for the fact that, coming out of the exhibition, you can become a real art collector. Participation is free.

- Wednesday, May 30 at 19.00 - our traditional AUCTION

Registration for the event is required by e-mail: After receiving your letter, we will send you an electronic catalog of the auction items.

- Saturday, June 2 from 12.00 - 14.00 — Art Session for Children "Talks about Art"

We will talk with children about art: why do we go to museums, what and how can we do our artworks, and we will draw with gouache, pastel and felt-tip pens. Recommended age is from 5 to 12 years. Participation 500 rubles. Registration for the event is required by e-mail: During the Art Session p arents can drink tea, study the gallery collection and ask all art related question they may have .

We are waiting for you and your friends at the Art Studio “ Gnezdo in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 12.

All the details and more info you can get

via the phone +7 495 204-207-8

by e-mail:

by sms / WhatsApp: +7 916 609-1447

on our FB page:

Follow our event page in FB:


by Quarta Gallery

Quarta Gallery Spring Auction

Dear friends, QUARTA Gallery invites you to


of painting and graphics of Russian artists of the XX-XXI centuries,
which will be held
on FRIDAY, April 20, 2018 at 19.00 at: Pokrovka Street, 29 Building 1

19:00 – gathering of guests and Preview

19:30 – the beginning of trading.

All works come from collections of artists, heirs and private collections.

A full electronic catalogue of lots can be sent in pdf. file to your e-mail on request via
e-mail or by phone +7 916 6091447 (call, WhatsApp, sms).

We also accept correspondence bides if you can not attend.

Bring your friends, make your bids, enjoy a wonderful spring friday in Moscow with art and QUARTA Gallery!

+7 495 204 207 8

+7 916 609 1447

Quarta Gallery Spring Auction

“The Story of a Family”. The artistic and historical project by QUARTA Gallery. March 24 - April 1, 2018 at Central House of Artists. Krymsky val, h.10

by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery presents the artistic and historical project “The Story of a Family”. For the first time, historic documents, photographs and a series of graphic works by the early departed artist Boris Bespalko will see light of day after being in the family for many years.

Boris Bespalko was born in Warsaw in 1914, where his mother taught at a girl’s high school. After the death of the father and husband the family returned to Ukraine, to the small town of Novgorod Seversky, much famed for its architecture and fascinating landscapes. There they settled in the house of Boris’s uncle Alexander Kononenko. This amazing family became the center of the public and intellectual life in the city thanks to the head of the family appointed the director of the boys’ high school in 1917.

Almost every day people came together at the house of Kononenko. The grand piano in the hall came to life and the samovar inspired profound conversations and poem recitals. Meanwhile, the revolution thundered by and then the civil war broke out along with the typhoid and famine.

Boris was sick with leukemia since childhood. Lying in bed he learnt to play Beethoven’s “Moonlight Sonata” and to paint. At school and later at high school his artistic education was monitored by the teacher called Rolyan, one of Repin’s students. Unmistakable talent and unchildlike mindset characterized Boris Bespalko since early years.

In the mid-20s the family ran from political repressions to Moscow area, where Boris graduated from school and entered artistic courses. It was there in 1930-32 that his brilliant series of graphic artworks was born: the family life chronicle. Accurate hand, bright images and juicy humor are the main features of the young artist’s works, whose life stopped short too early because of the illness not letting his gift flourish.

Despite purely ironic views of young Bespalko his pictures reveal an enormous layer of one of the most dramatic eras in Russia’s history. Arrivals, departures, endless moving and attempts to settle down. The short life of the young gifted artist born to an aristocratic family passed in non-stop movement, in the constant flow of events turning upside down not only each individual life but also the whole world. Having started in the Kingdom of Poland, which formed part of the Russian Empire in those days, and ending in the heart of the newly born state of the USSR, this life of mere 18 years encompassed an unbelievable amount of grand events.

Boris Bespalko’s graphic artworks have been waiting to see the light for many years, much longer than the author himself was granted. This is a life story 18 short instants long. They could have slipped away unnoticed but for the remarkable pictures treasured by the descendants for 85 years. Funny and touching images depicted on yellowish paper have become another little victory of life over decay and oblivion. In the most tragic times a smile and artistic talent let Bespalko capture invaluable moments of human relationships, to carry them through decades and bring them to the grateful viewers.

The exhibition will take place in the frames of the Art Salo "Old Paper" at Central House of Artists (Krymsky val, h.10) from March 24 till April 1, 2018. The mezzanine floor, stand 2-3


by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery cordially invites you to the third


of painting and graphics by Russian artists 1930-2017

on SATURDAY, February 3, 2018 at 3 pm

in the art space SPACE-U at the address:

Sadovnicheskaya street, h. 42, building 6

Registration and Preview – 3.00 pm

The beginning of trading at 3.30 pm

Among the top lots of the auction are the early work of the well-known representative of the second wave of the Russian avant-garde NikolayViting "Be ready!" (1930's), unique graphic compositions and tempera by Vassily Minyaev (1963), early studies of the famous Belorussian artist May Dantsig (1951), Untitled painting by the outstanding Russian neo-expressionist Viktor Kazarin from1986. The modern set will be represented by the graphics of Ekaterina and Oleg Tikhonov, the latest works of Vadim Sokolov and the picturesque landscapes of Natalia Zaitseva.

All works come from collections of artists, heirs and private collections.

A full electronic catalogue of lots can be sent in pdf. file to your e-mail on request via e-mail or by phone +7 916 6091447 (call, WhatsApp, sms). We also accept correspondence bides if you can not attend.

Bring your friends, make your bids, enjoy a wonderful winter week-end in Moscow with art and QUARTA Gallery!

+7 495 204 207 8

+7 916 609 1447

QUARTA Gallery Christmas Art Auction

by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery invites you to the Christmas Auction on

Saturday, December 9 at 3 pm

Please, come and get the best holiday art presents for yourself, family and friends!

Painting and graphics from QUARTA Gallery collection, antiques from DePutti Art and Antiques Gallery and unique art hats from Catherine CHAPEAUTE will make your Holiday Season mood and fullfill your art collection.

The Auction will take place at

Armyansky pereulok, h. 7, entrance 1, door code 50

Please, RSVP at or via tel: +7 916 6091447 (call, WhatsApp, sms) or by FB Messanger.

Electronic Catalogue of all 50 items can be sent on request.

The First Auction of paintings and graphics 1930-2000s from QUARTA Gallery collection

by Quarta Gallery
Первый аукцион галереи «Кварта»

QUARTA Gallery invites you to participate in the First Auction of paintings and graphics from the Gallery collection. The Auction presents 60 artworks by Russian artists 1930s-2000s. All artworks are framed.

To RSVP and receive full electronic Catalogue of all the items, please write to:

Place: ARTIME.CLUB Kuznetsky most, h.12, 3-d floor, studio 333

Time: Friday, October, 13 at 8 pm

LOT № 34

Evsey Reshin

Young Inventors

1950s, oil on cardboard, 34 × 44,5 cm

Starting bid: 30,000 rub

LOT № 56

Ekaterina Tikhonova

Magic Flower

2012, acryl on silk, 70 × 50 cm

Starting bid: 10,000 rub

LOT № 57

Vadim Sokolov

After Banya

2000s, oil on hardboard, 40,5 × 30 cm

Starting bid: 20,000 rub

LOT № 48

Leonid Usaitis


1960s, ink on paper, 49,5 × 21,5 cm

Starting bid: 10,000 rub

LOT № 25

Klara Vlasova


1950s, oil on canvas on cardboard, 46,5 × 33,5 cm

Starting bid: 30,000 rub

LOT № 35

Dmitry Tegin

The Old Man in a Hut

1950s, oil on cardboard, 30,5 × 49 cm

Starting bid: 15,000 rub

LOT № 15

Evgeny Rastorguev

Pioneer Girl

1950s, charcoal on paper, 64 × 43,5 cm

Starting bid: 6,000 rub

LOT № 41

Ludmila Nikitina


2000s, gouache on cardboard, 10 × 14,5 cm

Starting bid: 5,000 rub

Still Life: Object Relations. QUARTA Gallery exhibition. September 23 - October 15

by Quarta Gallery
Выставка галереи «Кварта» «Тайна натюрморта»

Still Life: Object Relations

“What a strange thing still life is: it makes you admire a copy of the things which originals you never admire.”

Blaise Pascal

Among the wide range of artworks still life occupies a very special niche: looking at it the viewer attempts to uncover the secret of what the painter wanted to say to him. What idea was he trying to convey? What did the depicted objects mean to him? We still believe that still life is mere decoration and nothing else. And there is a solid historic background to such a belief. When still life was born as a genre it was considered “inferior”, used for decorative purposes only or as a studying means. Nature morte – dead nature…

Лучшие выставки русского искусства, которые можно посмотреть летом в Москве.

by Quarta Gallery

Мистерия-буфф Аристарха Лентулова

Театральный Музей им. Бахрушина. До 27 августа.

ул. Бахрушина, 31/12. м. Павелецкая

Посещение выставки осуществляется по сеансам:

Вторник, пятница, суббота и воскресенье в 12:00, 13:30, 15:00, 16:30, 18:00.

Среда и четверг в 13:00, 14:30, 16:00, 17:30, 19:00.

Стоимость билета на выставку: полный тариф – 500 руб., льготный тариф – 300 руб.

Exhibition of artworks from QUARTA Gallery collection in ROSINKA INTERNATIONAL RESIDENTIAL COMPOUND

by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery presents exhibition of artworks from its collection to bring echo of the large-scale culture history exhibition project dedicated to one period of Russian national history which is traditionally labelled by scholars as the “Thaw” which is currently going on in Tretyakov Gallery.

The “Thaw” refers to the period from the early 1950s to the early 1960s when Nikita Khrushev's policies of de-Stalinization and peaceful coexistence with other nations brought many freedoms into all spheres of life: the media, arts, and culture; international festivals; foreign films; uncensored books; and new forms of entertainment on the emerging national TV, ranging from massive parades and celebrations to popular music and variety shows, satire and comedies. Such political and cultural updates all together helped liberate the minds of millions and changed public consciousness of several generations of people in the Soviet Union.

DON’T MISS THIS SPRING! Major exhibitions of Russian art in Moscow

by Quarta Gallery

Exhibition project "THAW"/ State Tretyakov Gallery, 10, Krymsky Val, halls 60–61. 16 February — 11 June

Tretyakov gallery presents the largest exhibition project dedicated to the period of national history marked as "the thaw era". It spans the period from 1953, when after Stalin’s death the first amnesties of political prisoners took place, and up to 1968, when the Soviet tanks invaded Czechoslovakia dispelling the illusion of building socialism with "a human face".

Love is...ART. St.Valentine's Day Exhibition

by Quarta Gallery

Love and art are intertwined so tightly that one could never separate one from the other. Is it not love that inspires the artist to create a sensual image capable of striking a deep chord in the viewer’s heart? From Praxiteles and his divine and at the same time amazingly earthly Aphrodite to ecstatically celestial Botticelli’s Venus and exquisite eroticism of Modigliani, to modern painters who have taken in all the richness of the world’s romantic legacy.

The images of love presented by “Quarta” gallery at “LOVE is…ART” exhibition are diverse but equally touching. They include fine graphic art by Evgeny Rastorguev with his light impressionistic hand, unmistakably giving away the master of the 1960s, as well as his colorful characters from fairy “Gorodets” engaged in vivacious folklore-style flirting.

Winter Arts Fair. December, 24-25 at ARTIME.CLUB

by Quarta Gallery

Fair of Fine Art and exclusive gifts for the New Year.

December 24-25, 2016/ 10 am - 8 pm daily at ARTIME.CLUB (Kuznetsky most str., h.12, 3-d floor, studio 333)

Christmas and New Year are right around the corner. And each city dweller faces the challenge of choosing presents for their nearest and dearest as well as for their colleagues and friends. QUARTA Gallery and ARTIME.CLUB have decided to make a unique offer for those who are looking for a special kind of present capable of carrying your love throughout the years without losing its quality and even acquiring more value with time.

QUARTA Gallery presents exhibition VARIANTS from October 21 to November 20 at “ARTIME.CLUB”

by Quarta Gallery

While creating an elaborate piece of art, which in its final form is meant to appear before the viewer, the customer or general public, the artist makes a large number of sketches, variants and drawings. Flicking through a book with illustrations, sympathizing with the cartoon characters, admiring the beauty and comfort of a lovely interior we rarely realize that beyond the book, the frame or the room there are hundreds of fascinating artistic ideas left on paper in pencil, ink or paints. And very often each idea is not just a momentary thought of the artist but a complete piece of art which can be interesting not only for the narrow circle of creators but also for the connoisseurs of graphic arts, collectors and a wide range of viewers.

BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE. retrospective exhibition of artworks by Inna Mednikova. June 4 -July 3

by Quarta Gallery

The Museum of Moscow and Quarta Gallery would like to invite you to the the retrospective exhibition of paintings and graphics by Inna Mednikova dedicated to the artist’s 90th birthday BETWEEN THE PAST AND THE FUTURE.

The exhibition will be held at the exhibition halls of the Northern wing of the Horse Yard of The Russian country-estate Kuzminki museum from June 4-th till July 3-d, 2016.

The Russian country-estate museum is situated in the territory of the “Vlakhernskoye-Kuzminki” estate complex which is over 300 years old. The exhibition of the artworks by the amazing Moscow artist Inna Mednikova, a beautiful park, historic buildings, a chance to ride in a horse-drawn summer carriage, a pond with a boating station – all this will become a part of a remarkable summer pastime in one of the oldest Moscow estates.

The history of Soviet cinematography through posters. 1919-1991. Central Manezh. May 13 – June 13

by Quarta Gallery

Today on the 13th of May, 2016 the Central Exhibition Hall “Manezh” opens the exhibition “The history of the Soviet cinematography through posters. 1919-1991” organized by the State museum exhibition center “ROSIZO” and Moscow design museum, with the support of the RF Ministry of Culture. The viewers will see the history of the development of the Soviet cinema poster during the period of 70 years: posters of the 1920s created in constructivism style, rare works of the Great Patriotic War period, posters of renowned Soviet movies of the “Thaw” years and of the period from 1970s till1990s (“Nine days in one year”, “White sun of the desert”, “The Twelve chairs” etc.). More than 300 artworks by famous graphic artists will be displayed at the Manezh, including those by Vladimir (1899-1982) and Georgiy (1900-1933) Stenbergs, Mikhail Khazanovskiy (1912-1990), Boris Zelenskiy (1914-1984), Miron Lukianov (1936-2007), Vasiliy Ostrovskiy (1936-2012) and many others.

Charity Antiques & Art Bazar. April 28-30, 2016

by Quarta Gallery

Online gallery "QUARTA" and “DePutti” Antiques Gallery are opening the Charity Antiques & Art Bazar with unique household and interior items of the 19th -20th centuries on display.