Exhibition and Art Sale "Talks about art". May 26 to June 3 from 12.00 to 20.00

by Quarta Gallery

QUARTA Gallery cordially invites you to the exhibition and art sale "Talks about art", which will work daily from May 26 to June 3 from 12.00 to 20.00 at the Art Studio Gnezdo in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 12.

The exhibition will feature paintings and graphics by the artists of the gallery: E. Bitkin, I. Mednikova, V. Stekolschikov, A. Alekseeva, B. Bespalko, N. Viting, K. Vlasova, E. Reshin, E. Rastorguev, T. Guseva, N. Vorobieva, M. Danzig, T. Konovalova-Kovrigina, N. Konovalova, E. Koba, N. Orlova, L. Nikitina, V. Sizyakova, D. Tegin, L. Usaitis, V. Sokolov, D. Khamin, as well as new acquisitions: sketches for the famous panels of the metro station Kievskaya and other monumental works of Victor Konovalov.

Within 9 days you can come and get answers to the most frequent questions about art:

- How to buy paintings?

- Expensive or cheap:how to understand the price?

- How to frame artworks ?

- What is graphics, and how to place it in the interior?

- Oil on canvas or watercolor?

- How to choose an artwork for the present ?

- What is the art market and what is the history of its appearance ?

- Who is a n art collector?

These and many other topics you will be able to discuss with our employees, artists and with each other. And, of course, you can participate in our traditional AUCTION, which will be held on May 30 at 19.00.


- Saturday, May 26 from 12.00 - " Exhibition Installation"

On the opening day of the exhibition on May 26 - before your very eyes we will do Exhibition Installation! Come at 12.00 and participate in the most exciting behind-the-scenes event of any gallery! Participation is free.

- Tuesday, May 29 from 18.30 to 20.00 "Talk s about Art" - an interactive lecture "Why we buy art" by gallery director Maria Rapoport.

With a cup of tea we all together will discuss this intriguing topic and will try to find an answer . Prepare tricky questions and get ready for the fact that, coming out of the exhibition, you can become a real art collector. Participation is free.

- Wednesday, May 30 at 19.00 - our traditional AUCTION

Registration for the event is required by e-mail: art@quartagallery.ru. After receiving your letter, we will send you an electronic catalog of the auction items.

- Saturday, June 2 from 12.00 - 14.00 — Art Session for Children "Talks about Art"

We will talk with children about art: why do we go to museums, what and how can we do our artworks, and we will draw with gouache, pastel and felt-tip pens. Recommended age is from 5 to 12 years. Participation 500 rubles. Registration for the event is required by e-mail: art@quartagallery.ru. During the Art Session p arents can drink tea, study the gallery collection and ask all art related question they may have .

We are waiting for you and your friends at the Art Studio “ Gnezdo in Maly Gnezdnikovsky Lane, 12.

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