Tips on interior design & decoration

by Quarta Gallery

Interior design usually puts artworks off to the not quite honorary last place. The thought of wall decoration and creation of authentic atmosphere comes only after the last coat of paint has dried up and the furniture is all in its place.

However, by giving art such a humble niche apartment owners and designers miss lots of incredible opportunities. Tastefully chosen and strategically thought out artworks can “make” your room from scratch, becoming not only a décor element but the core of the interior. While you might not be ready for such a radical approach the tips below will serve you anyway, allowing for unexpected angles in your understanding of interior design.

Artworks inspire the color palette

It can be rather challenging to choose a proper color palette for your interior. There are numerous tints and colors available in stores and to decide on the right spectrum which matches your vision can be a daunting task.

If you, just for a moment, forget about colors and shades and concentrate on finding the right artwork, it might work out much better. As soon as you come across a painting which not only catches your eye but captures your mind, you will be able to use it as a basis for the color palette of your space. Think of the three shades you would like to include in your décor, rating them as dominating and additional. That completed, you can focus on picking the same color palette in the furniture and decorative elements you select for your room. Starting with small things you will manage to get to the bigger picture which you surely have painted in your imagination. An artwork, whether it is a genre painting, a landscape or a still life, will give birth to whole new worlds filled with original ideas.

Artworks serve as a focal point

A focal point is an essential part of interior design. Most frequently it is an element which catches your immediately and creates certain expectations. Artworks serve the task perfectly.

You can easily imagine your favorite picture over the mantelpiece or a still life in the dining room. A painting turns a traditional space into something completely different. An ordinary kitchen acquires a feel of a retro dining hall, and a common study transforms into a high-tech area covered with black-and-white photos. Mundane things develop into artistic objects, filling the air with the scent of art and exquisiteness.

… and create texture

A large number of artworks allows for creating most unbelievable interiors: from antique to cyberspace. Color and black-and-white photographs, both retro and digital, classic and avantgarde art, etchings and prints broaden the range of possible interior outcomes up to infinity. Apart from its artistic value, a painting possesses its specific texture giving the right feel for the whole environment. It may visually enhance your space, make it airy or, on the contrary, “ground” it. Intimacy can well be created by means of rough texture while a fine piece of graphic art will cool down an emotionally heated space.

Artworks make the room complete

A painting is a cohesive element: it brings the objects together and makes the space complete and full of life. A correctly chosen piece of art will take your room beyond pure functionality while upgrading your interior in status. Art has its charisma because it turns the simple into the complex and commonplace into unique. Each of us longs to “adopt” the space we live and work in, to endow it with our own features and give it a one only character. An artwork is what will fill your space with meaning at the same time uniting all the décor elements. Its character, value and charm will put a dream into reality, manifesting things which cannot be conveyed in any other way.

In addition to all the opportunities which pieces of art provide for those who want to create a bright and unique interior, there is another important aspect worth mentioning: an artwork is the best way to show your individuality within a given space, to make everything related to your dwelling or workplace unique, to make yourself known to everyone in a subtle and expressive way. Art can convey your innermost thoughts and desires opening up new horizons for self-development.

Art and art photography should not be the last piece of the jigsaw puzzle in a new or renewed interior. As a matter of fact, it might become the first most important one, creating the foundation for further changes.