Online auction - a practical instruction. How to take part?

by Quarta Gallery

On the past few years, online auctions have become one of the most popular ways to buy collectibles on the art market. There are obvious pros and cons to this way of acquiring artwork. Among the first, there is no need to be physically present at the auction (after all, plans for the day of the auction can change unexpectedly: traffic, weather, illness - everything can prevent you from attending the event), the starting prices for lots are lower, among the minuses - the lack of the opportunity to watch the work in person and the very atmosphere of struggle, which is an integral part of trading in the hall. Nevertheless, the struggle, and sometimes exciting, often unfolds on your computer screen - and yes, this is another plus of the online auction. To participate, you only need any of your usual gadgets: a laptop, smartphone, tablet with Internet access, and you yourself can be anywhere.

This new way of buying art frightens many peolpe, and, first of all, not knowing how to make a bet and not make a mistake. In fact, it is very simple, and in order to dispel the last doubts "to participate or not to participate", we offer detailed instructions on how easy and fun to participate in online auctions.

In Russia, the most active and popular platform where online auctions of almost all well-known and little-known Russian auction houses and galleries take place is Here you can find a list and catalogs of all upcoming auctions and the results of past auctions, view all lots , place your bets.

Having entered the site, you can immediately register and subscribe to the newsletter. All your "notes" and purchases will be stored in your personal account. Then you can view the sections you are interested in or immediately "enter" the auction you are interested in.

After examining the catalog and deciding to choose the lot that you like, click "VIEW". There will be all information about the work, artist, bid conditions (commission, step table, auction working conditions). You can also request additional information about the lot by clicking the appropriate link and filling out the form.

Having made the decision to participate, click "SEND". When placing a bid, you can set the highest price to which you are ready to bargain if during the closing of the auction you do not have access to the it (you forget the date, you might have other things to do or just simply you won’t have internet). Bidding will still start from the starting price or from the bottom bid of your potential competitor. If there are no competitors, then you purchase the desired lot at the starting price. If your price is outbid, you will immediately receive an e-mail or sms (your choice) notification and you can decide to continue trading.

By clicking "I AGREE" you accept the terms of the auction house / gallery and must submit a request to bid. If you have previously registered at, then just log into your account, if not, you have to register first. You create a name and a password. The system will ask you for e-mail, phone number, address. You fill required fields of the form that will automatically appear. Making the first bet you will receive an SMS to your phone number for confirmation. All subsequent bets that you decide to place will be placed automatically.

Upon confirmation of your participation in the auction by the auction house / gallery, your bid will be accepted.

On the day / hour of the auction, you can watch the progress of trading online from anywhere in the world and make decisions about raising your bid or purchaising other lots.

At the end of the auction you will receive information about the items you won by email. You arrange the method of payment and delivery of your lots by contacting the auction house / delivery. The desired work is in your collection!

All lots purchased in the QUARTA Gallery can be paid within 5 days, we deliver all over the world (the cost is calculated individually), delivery of all the artworks over 3000 rub. in Moscow (within the Moscow Ring Road) is free.