Painting as a Gift

by Quarta Gallery

“Painting as a gift” - that’s what we called the new section of our site, because lately more and more people are looking for something special as a gift, something that not only describes the donor as an interesting and non-standard person, but also leaves memory about him/ her for many years.

Giving art objects is a very responsible, risky and difficult step. Choosing an artwork as a gift, we pretend to “guess” the emotional state of the person we are giving, and at the same time we loudly declare our own artistic preferences and knowledge in the field of art. On the other hand, “hitting the target”, we give incomparable pleasure that really will become for the donee both interior decoration and a valuable memory of us, a source of energy, love and positive mood every day.

Presenting a piece of art as a gift, we say that we care, we emphasize the special connection between us. Having chosen the right artwork, we declare that we deeply know and love the person to whom we are giving, or, if it is a gift to a business partner, we affirm that we are connected not only by dry business relationships, but also simple human feelings, because art is about beauty and emotions. At the same time, any significant work of art has an artistic value, which is really connected with the art market and is characterized by the so-called 'art value'. And here the gallery owner or art dealer will come to help in choosing an artwork. He will talk about the artist, his place in the art market, the history of work, its significance and possible investment attractiveness. And then this gift will also have additional weight - in addition to aesthetic and emotional.

In this section, we will talk about the work of our gallery, which can be a great gift for your loved ones, friends and business partners.