Captured by Color. The art of Svetlana Atakhanova

by Quarta Gallery

The art of Svetlana Atakhanova is a combination of oriental flair and exquisite technique. Her paintings evoke associations with the art of rug-weaving which reflects subtle spirit of the East, its in-depth philosophy and ancient legacy. Svetlana was born in Kirghizia and her creative activity is tightly connected with Tajikistan, motherland of her husband, the well-known artist Azam Atakhanov. The East is interweaved in both her life and art, with its many faces and fathomless depths, just like Svetlana’s travelling scope covering such exotic places as the magic island of Ceylon and China, where she finds her inspiration. The colorful canvases, nevertheless, reveal the hand of an experienced artist possessing classic artistic education and years of teaching at Stroganovka.

Fleshy fruit, flowing lines of cypresses, olive-tinted faces emanate the vivific power of earth and fill the atmosphere with solar energy. Her artworks include not only landscapes and still life, which suit modern interior perfectly, but also genre paintings creating very special festive aura. Atakhanova’s artworks are like a ray of sunshine, a power oasis capable of transforming any space into the source of harmony.

One of Svetlana’s favorite techniques is multi-layer watercolor, which she frequently complements with oil pastels. Watercolors are full of magic for the artist, they possess mighty potential, she considers them to be underestimated and pays them tribute by naming them art technique rather than graphic.

Just like her great predecessor Gauguin, whose undoubted influence pervades Svetlana’s art, in her oriental landscapes the artist gains the integrity which her contemporaries, exhausted with urban routines, lack so strongly. Her artworks bring peace of mind, offering the viewer the abundant lost paradise which fills the soul with tranquility and a sense of perfection.

However, in addition to Eastern countries Svetlana paints Moscow area, Italy and Crimea. It is her attitude to and relationship with color that convey inexpressible warmth and emotional intensity which can transform any interior and fill it with light, brightness and energy. Being a member of the monumental and decorative art section of the Moscow Union of Artists, Svetlana Atakhanova manages to add the scale and artistic touch to her graphic works. She constantly explores the nature of color placing much more emphasis on it than on realistic reflection. Her color palette includes rich violet spectrum, from gentle lilac tints to intensive purple, as well as sky blue and creamy beige shades.

Behind the riot of colors and ardent beauty of exotic landscapes the author’s main message is clear: yearning for the unity of body and soul, harmony at all levels of human life, search for various tints of happiness that life can give to an open heart and mind. The artist’s works will not only make an excellent purchase as a decorative element, which purpose they suit perfectly, but also great food for the spirit that can nourish their owner with fine energies of joy, solar power and genuine vitality.